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By Gully | 11 Jul 2018 | 0 Comments

Hello Exiles,

The puns are back and so are the updates. Got some big stuff here so stick around, it’s all good so here we go in no particular order:

Invictus Was Awesome!

First and foremost, I had so much fun organising this and I’m sure the other admins behind the scenes did too…despite me shouting at them a fair bit. They know I love them, it’s fine. Highlights including Aufus becoming a style icon, impecable dancing by Laciaus, the most belching ever heard due to the unending supply of drink and Madu finally getting his 40 gold back.

Some huge thanks to Sofia for helping me build the place, Nix, Jess and Kylie for helping me run it with the music and behind the scenes stuff on the night, could not have done it without you, and especially to each and every one of you who turned up whether you fought or not, it was fantastic. We’re definitely doing it again. Special shout out to Reyena for donating her prize and then to Aufus for donating the value of it to a Malaria charity. Following this, we will have more charitable events in future as well as player prizes.

The winners were:

Invictus Pilae – Aufus
Invictus Gladiator – Henry X

Top work everyone!

Welcome To All Our New Players

There’s been a very nice stream of brand new players lately and I haven’t had chance to welcome you all properly, so thank you very much for joining, we’ve got plenty in store for you.

And Welcome To Our New Team Members

As you know we have two new members of the Shadow Dynasty staff, but I also never got chance to do a good intro for them so…

Kylie is a new Gamemaster alongside Vil. The GM role has changed a little since it was first made, essentially it is another admin based role but prioritises more front line responsibility like helping players when things go wrong. Kylie has an incredibidle level of technical knowledge which has helped the server enourmously, she’s always quick to be testing things for us on test rigs and test servers so we don’t have to cause interruptions to play so much and as you have probably noticed she has a frightening amount of energy. She’s also the state-side member of the team meaning our USA players have somebody around when needed.

Sparky is a Geordie but won’t admit it, he’s also taken the role of Events Manager which we have brought back since I had the role before my days as glorious leader. He doesn’t have admin power or responsibility, but his role is to assist with events, dungeons, quests etc that the community wish to set up and be something of a centrepoint for the admin based ones, being part of the Hub’s means he is both easy to find and central.

Both of them are absolute darlings and will help you any way they can, send them a hug and a hello.

Let’s Talk About Future Wipes…The Lack Of Them

The decision to wipe when we did was polarising to say the least, but I will always stand by it was absolute necessity that caused it. I have always been 100% truthful about the reasons and there are reasons we cannot discuss because anything any player discusses with an admin will always stay between them unless we say otherwise. So we shall move on…

We’ve been discussing the best way to both refrain from wipes in future unless absolutely necessary (which would take a hell of a lot) and ensuring we keep things fresh, and we’ve come up with something we’re quite excited about:

The Hub itself will set out a storyline for all to be involved in at some point when we feel a large shift is needed, it will result in it being flattened into the ground and a new one rising elsewhere. Characters can be killed off or anything you choose to do during this as with any other time in the game, but it means something of a new era without the need to force everyone into it

The Marketplaces (excluding Edrichs Rest as that is also a home) will become “ownable” by clans to run. Clans can choose how they RP obtaining it, how they run it…perhaps they’ll be just and run it well…maybe they’ll be overcharging taxing tyrants. They’ll not directly own the buildings as this wouldn’t work due to game mechanics, but we can arrange flags, banners etc to show who it belongs to and RP how it gets changed, then it’ll be down to the clans to help run the market days etc. Marketplaces will also be subject to the demolishing and rebuilding, like the Hub.

We may also consider introducing forts for the more PVP minded to control a small territory, or have the fort as part of it as a way of doing a hostile take-over. We’ll announce more as we finalise it.

Rewards for RP and Gambling

As most of you know, we have coins in game (Dynastians) and the mod Pippi has its own currency. We use Pippi’s for gambling only, something of a ‘credit’ to turn into coin.

Well, we wanted to start rewarding referrals of good RP, being a good community member, positive feedback in general, so you know that rewards aren’t only for those who grind hardest.

Couple of examples:
A few players come to the hub and commence meaningful RP involving various players, an admin sees it, rewarded.
You have great RP with a player you’ve not yet played with, you drop a quick message to an admin referring them as a great RPer, rewarded.
You host an event, have a war with another clan that runs smoothly and within the guidelines, write an amazing backstory or lorepost, take an amazing screenshot, recommend the server to friends, anything positive you contribute in this kind of manner expect yourself to be rewarded.

Obviously we will see straight through ‘hugging circles’ of players doing this to us, and remember admins have eyes and ears under some disguises too (some alts more obvious than others admittedly)

So this credit, as normal you’ll be able to convert it to cold hard coin, or we will make purchasable kits with some goodies from cheap stuff to expensive AF super rare things. Rewards to be confirmed fully at this point, it’s all coming shortly.

Jess has been hard at work finding new gambling games, expect to see new posters in gambling areas with instructions for some new dice games. These will involve transferring credits player to player so those commands will be updated and enabled soon along with instructions on Discord channels.

Questing Still…

It’s not over yet! See the Bounties and Quests channel for more and your chance to win some goodies.

The Mod Poll

Thank you all for participating in the mod poll. It happened at a very bad time, factors like the load times for mods resulted in people voting against them, the a patch came out cutting them to basically nothing, then balance patches for armours happened changing peoples minds on Fashionist after they’d voted…very bad timing.

Either way, for now, I’m not going to make any changes. We’ve got other things coming up as you can see and I’d rather put energy into that than into another mod right at this point, but we shall see once Funcom give us a good, balanced patch.

…And Finally

As you know myself, Kwik and the admin team do this completely out of our own time and pocket when we have to, this is why we offer packages from the donation page and from Patreon should you wish to help keep the server running. It’s absolutely not cheap to keep a dedicated machine going and we appreciate every little bit. Donating will never be mandatory nor will we every offer advtantages through the packages themselves. Please do consider us should you have a little extra and want to help us be the best we can for you.

See you on the cross, exiles…

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By Gully | 09 Jun 2018 | 0 Comments

Hello Exiles,

This will be fairly short as far as update posts goes, but I’d like to make sure everybody is aware of what’s coming up.

Invictus Arena Returns to Shadow Dynasty

We’ve had it before, but it’s back, bigger and better than ever. We have prizes for the winners in the form of the upcoming Imperial East DLC with two tournaments:

Invictus Pilae: The Invictus Pilae Champion will have shown their skill using the tools they have acquired from the lands around them. Your own armour and weapons may be used in this.

Invictus Gladiator: The Invictus Gladiator Champion will have shown skill with what they are provided. Weapons and armours will be supplied and it is down to the competitors pure skill and determination to win this title.

Finally, a game of chance will be held to determine the final recipient of the prize. There are 5 copies of the DLC in total, 1st and 2nd place of both tournaments plus the winner by chance so everybody has a shot regardless of their skill.

So how do I get to bashing skulls?

Easy enough, in Discord see the channels under the new Events and Dungeons category, there is now an Invictus Sign Up channel for that and a Discussion channel for any questions regarding the event or if you want to smack-talk your would be opponents

But what’s this Betrayer’s Keep I’m hearing about?

Our lovely Maclort with the assistance of the admin team has finally released the first of the admin created dungeons. Now we know this one works and people seem to be enjoying it so far, we will be able to make many more in quicker time. If you want to get mercilessly killed for our amusement, there are portals from the hubs.

And finally…

This has all been possible because of your continued support and encouragement, we wouldn’t have managed any of this without you, the community, you make the server what it is and we can’t thank you enough.

As always if you wish to help support the server you can join our Patreon for more rewards or donate via this website.

See you on the cross, Exiles.

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By Gully | 05 Jun 2018 | 0 Comments

Good afternoon Exiles,

I’ll keep the sarcasm off this one the best I can, but no promises.

First of all, congratulations from the team at Shadow Dynasty to Cabal on the birth of his long awaited baby, we hope all are doing well.

Market Day

The first market day was held on Sunday and was a great success. These will be held weekly at different market areas and hubs every Sunday and their locations and times on the event calendar as soon as they’re organised. You can bring your own goods to sell as an auction or otherwise and admins will be there to sell various exclusives too. To clarify, admin sold good’s money will be destroyed so it will essentially be no different to buying from an NPC Trader. As a treat, I will end this with my favourite market based poem:

I’ve got a big bag of crabs here
I’m gonna put them in my mouth oh yes
I’m gonna run around the town on a market day
Everyone will look at me and say I’ve got a mouth full of crabs

Additions to the Mods

As you know we recently changed one of the mods over. Thank you for your patience during this and reporting bugs you have found. I’ve posted in hints and tips things to try should you have any problems when using the animations or features. If you find any more then by all means let me know. Please remember that we are happy to help with all aspects of the mod use but we only created Caishen. If you find bugs with Caishen, see mod info to join the Discord for the mod specifically and report bugs or make suggestions there. There is also a new guide added named bdsm-rp-guide which is (obviously) NSFW and there should you need any help with such a theme in your RP. It’s not for everyone, if it isn’t applicable simply don’t look.

The Eastern Scar Overhaul

Whaddya know, I’ve got some staff. You’ll be seeing some new things cropping up there soon and it will be one of the upcoming market day hosts with an opening of the pub there. The date will be published once we’re ready. The Arena is open for use by all as normal, there’s gambling in the pub and once we have the mod update there’ll be plenty of trade there. Temples of Derketo and Set are also there.

And finally…

Thank you once more for your continued support whether it’s being a great member of the community or by parting with some hard earned cash, it’s always appreciated. You may have seen some rewards on Patreon have been updated recently so we hope you enjoy!

The patreon link is here if you are interested

All the best and see you on the cross.

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By Gully | 19 May 2018 | 0 Comments

Please stop booing, that was quality material.

Yes this is a very, very late update, but it is pretty much the perfect time to post one as there’s changes coming and we think you may like them.

First of all….

Welcome to all our new and returning players, it’s fantastic to see you all and the creative efforts you’re putting in to keeping our server the best one out there. I’m looking forward to bumping into all of you at some point as those I have met so far have been a lot of fun.

The Mod Pack is Back

The mod pack for the server has been updated, you can view it by clicking here of simply going to the mod-info channel within Discord. Any updates to the mods we use or changes relating to them will be posted in that channel as soon as they’re done. If a new player joins and requests this kind of information, the mod-info channel is the best place to send them.

A Big Change to the Hubs

This was decided last night following the various reports I have received regarding performance whilst in the hub areas. I’ll make it into a list so the points don’t get lost:

  • Lakeheart, New Wolfravn and the Newbie Island (name still pending) will remain
  • Eastern Scar will be drastically downsized to a small village containing a market area, gambling den, tavern and the existing temple areas. This is due to people with lower (and sometimes even top) spec machines experiencing huge drops in performance and small fires when entering the area.
  • The services offered by Eastern Scar with the exception of those listed above will go to the shadier areas of Lakeheart, such as bounty hunting and the extra quests available.
  • There will be a lore entry as to why this happened for continuity.
  • The removal of the area as a hub will mean that we will be constructing many more much smaller market areas, all with different themes, across the map. We feel this is also much more fitting of the main mod created by Kwik as far as trading and use of currency goes, and also player created small towns will become more noticeable (more on that later).

This will be taking place over the weekend in time for the next update to Caishen…

What’s Coming with Caishen?

First of all, thank you for any and all bug reports regarding the mod, they’re very helpful as testing is obviously a limited capacity and your creative uses for some items and systems we don’t usually think of. Please do join the Caishen Discord (a link will shortly be posted to mod-info) so you can report anything there for Kwik to see. Please note that Caishen is the only mod created by Shadow Dynasty so bugs with Pippi or SlaverMod features need to be reported to the creaters of those mods.

We expect to push an update out for Caishen this week including the player owned stores where you can sell your own goods! Apologies for the delay in this feature, it has been pushed back due to changes in code following the release update and other things, but it’s almost good to go. With the fate of The Eastern Scar, there will be slightly different rules regarding store placement as follows:

  • Your first player owned store must be placed in either a hub or marked market area as per the new icons on the map (they will be added over the weekend)
  • Further stores can be placed by your base or by other admin created areas of interest such as arenas providing they are either public (admin created) or with the consent of the owner (player created town).
  • Placing a lone trader with nothing around it or intentionally to grief another player will result in my blasting it to the void with no warning.

In a future update, Kwik is working on some more music horns which will get their own shop if you’re feeling particularly horny….sorry.

The Next Quests

Now we’ve had a chance to settle in and research what is and isn’t available to the player, we will be able to offer better rewards for quest completion. This will include unobtainable armour pieces and other items only available through the admin panel, some store bought items that are on the rarer side and of course some cold hard cash. These will be coming throughout next week to Lakeheart.


There’s currently a competition in server news, I’ll also put it here:

Following the latest Caishen update, many of the traders are now voiced. 7 of them in total are voiced by the master admins, 6 by myself and 1 by Kwik. The person to guess the most right first will win some in game currency and a mystery prize, runners up will also get some in game currency and more minor mystery prizes for their efforts.

There will soon be an arena tournament with a prize for the winners and the opening of the first admin dungeon. The first to complete it will, you guessed it, win a prize.

See you on the cross…

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By Gully | 01 Apr 2018 | 0 Comments

As a disclaimer I’d like to begin by stating there’ll be no April fools bamboozle in here…honest.

Hi Exiles!

It’s April, it’s chocolate egg madness, it’s another promise to go to the gym after all this excess that you’ll once again never follow up on! I’m just as excited as you, don’t worry. The clock is ticking, a little over a month left until launch day so I’ve got a few updates on that front, plus the usual nonesense I like to keep you posted on.

The Hunt is On

Until Tuesday the 3rd, the giant bunnies will be protecting their special stashes of Easter themed goodies. Some of the crates have otherwise unobtainable items in them. Since it’s Easter today and I feel hungover on chocolate, maybe a few clues are in order to anyone who does read these updates. The Eastern Scar isn’t the only Scar in the land, rivers run to an end in the highlands, and pirates do always seem close to booty…

The loot respawns along with the bunny once every hour.

Just a Quick Reminder…

If you feel somebody is breaking the rules please do what you can to get the player names so we can investigate. Drop them to an admin and we will do all we can.

Preparing for Take-Off once more

To answer a few more question I’ve had regarding launch and how we are planning it:

  • A server is being set up for admins to ensure hubs and other public areas are set up in time. This will become the main server as soon as launch build goes live.
  • Yes, all features of the Funcom currency will be integrated into Dynastian currency. So you will be able to make counterfeit money and all the rest.
  • The mod as it will stand upon the release of the game is basically ready to go, but will require some last minute updates due to the game’s update. It should be rolled out within the first few days as completed.
  • With the above in mind, we’re hoping the other mods will be prepared too, but more on this as and when we know.
  • We are working on some ideas to ensure we don’t get flooded with PVP gankers in the first few days despite the name, description and category all stating it is RP, having a box with the rules appear which you agree to as you log in and placing various signs by the starting area, for some this isn’t enough. One of the ideas put forward has been to disable PVP for the first few days to discourage that type of player joining, then changing once people are more settled in a server, though the fact we are modded is also another message that this is not a simple PVP server. More on this when we have had a good natter, a think and a cuppa.

The Rise of the GMs

You may have seen the announcements that a new role has appeared on Discord. The 4 GameMasters are there to help people with general things such as if someone needs a little help, loses things due to a bug or needs advice. They have very limited admin permissions and cannot do things such as spawn items in (other than pre-made kits), turn on God mode or turn their survival options off. If you type in ‘/list admins’ in game you will see who is online and can help.

Supporting The Server

Due to the website being down recently, and with launch fast approaching, any donations this month will get you the VIP benefits for both the remainder of this month and May, rather than just May. Our apologies for the downtime.

As always, if you wish to become a Patron, you can click here and choose a package that fits you. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

Anything Else?

Why yes. The YouTuber Just Horse has recently uploaded clips of all the new armour, weapons and other stuff from the recent testlive update if you are curious as to the content but don’t fancy the download. You can get to his channel by clicking here

If there’s anything you’d like mentioned next, as there will be a few updates this month, please let me know via Discord.

See you on the cross…

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By Gully | 14 Mar 2018 | 0 Comments

Welcome to March and welcome back to a working website (thanks naughty people)!

We’ve had a busy February, seen plenty of events take place, the first RP Hub get up and running, so much new implementation of Pippi features and it’s been all out great. Most importantly, we’re back on a dedicated server and it is all thanks to you, the community. We cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming support you’ve offered and we are truly humbled by it.

So What’s Coming Up?

There’s some new events added to the calendar, I believe there’s a few more scheduled for the absolute completion of The Eastern Scar hub too. We have been looking into new ways of keeping you entertained on the server and here’s a little sneak-peek:

  • Admin created dungeons
  • Hero Showcase
  • The return of the Invictus Arena, where the two schools of combat collide
  • Gambling (already added in the south)

That’s as much as I will tell you anyway, you can’t bribe more out of me. You can try though…

What About The Shadow Dynasty Mod

Ooooh it’s exciting times coming. Kwik has been very hard at work on this feature which should give a whole new dynamic and help bring a little more traffic to the hubs in quieter hours. I’ll give some basics out for now, but as for how it works and finer details, patience. Basically, it is player owned market stalls, or auction houses as some people prefer to call them. You will be able to purchase them from a high tier trader for a fairly large sum of coins and place it where you choose, though we will be enforcing rules on this as they will ignore ownership when placing. The idea being you can place your stall, with some customisation options too, in the market areas of the hubs. People can then purchase your items, whatever you have added to them, you will be notified and can collect your hard earned cash when it’s convenient. There’s a lot of potential to this, well travelled routes could easily spring into silk roads as well as the hub marketplaces, it’s all going to be down to the way people use them. This is along side something of an overhaul to ensure a player’s market, rather than a mod one.

Plenty more to come soon…

And Finally…

We really appreciate all the support recently, it has been wonderful and we can’t thank you enough for every little thing. If you too wish to help out, here are the links:

Top Conan Servers page to help vote us up for better visibility
Enjin to help advertise the server too
Patreon to donate to help support the server and get a little something back too
Donations are still running as normal if you prefer that method, and rewards are being worked on for donors

See you on the cross, Exile…

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By Gully | 16 Feb 2018 | 0 Comments

Good afternoon exiles!

There’s quite a lot to this update and I will do my best to cover every aspect I can think of, though as always I will do what I can to answer everything on Discord as well should you have questions. So, what’s all this about?

I get a lot of messages from you all with various questions and concerns of all types, sometimes we manage to turn these into suggestions and we are always working hard to implement them. This is the first one we wanted to try, an RP Hub.

As Shadow Dynasty wants to ensure RP is always put first, we wanted to experiment with different ways of removing barriers between you playing the character you want and being able to easily interact. Ankh and Spear, the clan, have put a lot of time and effort into their public tavern, sauna, bath house, inn and other amenities that we saw this as a great foundation to an RP Hub. We have been hard at work all day to expand what is there for public use for more styles of RP to interact. Here’s how it works:

We have enabled the following commands in Pippi:
/warp Lakeheart

All are case sensitive and all have a cooldown of an hour, a temporary measure to stop people trying to use it for naughty reasons. If you are found to be doing so, expect an angry message from me by the way!

/sethome will set a point on the map where you are stood at the time for when you use the /home command to instantly teleport you there.
/warp Lakeheart will transport you to the Agora at the centre of Lakeheart

“So what’s in Lakeheart for me?” I hear you cry, well there’s plenty:

The Three Monkeys – A tavern for RP, sells drinks, food and accomodation. Also has a sauna and bath house.
The Marketplace – An area for traders to bring their goods to market and advertise their own shops. Also has some lower tier traders from our Coin and Trade mod mainly selling food and drink items. If you are a trader and want a permanent stall, message myself or Jess on Discord to arrange this.
Practice Area – An area for people to hone their combat skills.
Hall of Rememberance – A building dedicated to the memory of characters that have passed.
Meeting Hall – A large area for feasting, perhaps you have business with another clan that needs neutral ground to settle? Maybe you wish to gather people for a rousing speech? Maybe the tavern is too loud.
Derketo’s Dean of Delights – A den for the shadier characters, not for the light hearted.
The Agora – A small area where you will arrive.
The Hospital – Injured characters welcome for treatment.
Shrine to Mitra – What it says on the tin.

As you can see we have aimed to cater to every type of RP we could think of. The Den has been constructed specifically out of the way of the rest to ensure those not enjoying that type of RP aren’t dealing with it when walking into the main tavern.

“I have a village, how come mine isn’t a hub?”
This is the first being used as a trial. People are spread quite far on the map and we don’t want everyone to feel they want to build in the desert, but never see another player because everyone is in the north for example. This is to close these gaps in RP. As population on the server increases I plan on adding warp points to the Agora to transport quickly from one hub to another to again bridge these gaps in RP.

“How does this help traders?”
It brings you all together in a marketplace. See it as a way to make your trading connections with a sample of your goods, meet other traders from across the lands who may have things you need. It’s all in RPing your trader, what would they realistically have? What would they need? No one trader should reasonably sell and have everything!

“I’d like to suggest a change to the Hub/Hubs”
Contact me directly on Discord and we can chat.

“I’d like to hold an event in the Hub”
Contact Zohara for help with the RP side and Jess to help sort it. I’ll add it to the calendar once done.

“Can I declare war on the Hub”
No, but you can still RP PVP with the people there, just stick to the rules we set in place.

Anything else on the way? Why indeed there is. To assist with getting set up and RPing right away, Zohara and I are working on a way to implement RP kits to help the character flesh out a little earlier on. Updates are also coming to the coin and trade mod after much feedback, I can’t tell you all what exactly, but we should hopefully implement it all soon. We are currently reviewing the mod situation after seeing the results of the poll we put out.

See you all at Lakeheart.

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By Gully | 04 Feb 2018 | 0 Comments

Good afternoon all,

A new page is now on the website intended on giving the history of Shadow Dynasty.

For the time being it is showing an overview of events that happened within each era (or wipe, if you will).

I will happily take on your stories and events that happened within these eras to expand on them if you would like to tell me.

The link is now on the front page or you can click here

All the best!

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By Gully | 04 Feb 2018 | 0 Comments

Happy February Folks,

Throughout the more festive months of December and January you will have no doubt noticed some big changes throughout the server, the mod and Discord itself. I thought it would be a good time to address it all in one go and let you know what is coming.

Community Focus

Originally, we had always set out to make an environment that was a hybrid of the roleplay and PVP communities. We had worked very hard to come up with ways to make this work, rulesets to please both sides, ensuring active admins were there to keep an eye on potential issues and trying to take in from both types of player what they want. After a lot of time with this, we’ve decided it can only really work one way and are completely focusing on roleplay from here on in. We understand that over the past few months in particular there was some issues risen from this, but we are in the process of making Shadow Dynasty the best roleplay experience that we possibly can. PVP will still be enabled of course, but to be used a way of enhancing roleplay. We expect the characters to feud and fight, we encourage it, but roleplay comes first.

With all this in mind, as you may have seen in the Server News channel on Discord, we will soon be adding new mods for extra immersion and are taking suggestions. There isn’t any plan on over-doing it with them, but we can see what features people want and integrate them to our own or add the smaller ones if needs be. Let us know in Mods Discussion if you have any ideas!


We are currently looking to take on two new game admins to look after timezones which the EU admins struggle to cover. There are quite a few players based in the US whose primetime for playing can be difficult to watch. If you are interested, please message myself or Kwikninja on Discord letting us know about yourself and what you believe you can bring to the community.

As for recruiting players, there’s always room for more! Shadow Dynasty runs on a dedicated server and can easily handle connections from Europe and the US. Funcom test the game at a 150 ping for your reference. If you enjoy being part of Shadow Dynasty then we would very much appreciate some love on the following links, it goes a long way to help:

Top Conan Servers


I’ve had a few people contacting me saying they are getting ready to set up some events. I will also be creating some Shadow Dynasty run ones with big prizes, they will all be posted on the calendar so you can easily keep track of what’s coming up and posted in The Ampitheatre on Discord. If you have an event in mind, send me a message on Discord and post to The Ampitheatre, we can arrange to help you with items you may need or prizes should the event require them. Also, contact Zohara for any help with the roleplay aspects of your event should you need help or inspiration.

Upcoming Stuff

I’m creating a video as something of an introduction to the game for new players and the server itself. If you have any footage you’ve made in game you’re particularly fond of by all means let me know on Discord. As part of this video, I am organising an interview with Nicole and Jens from Funcom which I will happily ask any questions you may have for them…within reason, obviously. Send those along to me too. I’ll also be creating videos ready for any additional mods we have instructing how to install them, videos regarding updates to the Shadow Dynasty mod and a few community based ones to go along with these updates. If you’d like anything featured in them…you get the idea by now, send me a message!

Updates to the Mod

Kwikninja, the man behind the mod, will be working hard to ensure the mod is as smooth as butter in the coming week. If you have encountered any issues recently with it or have some feedback for him, now is the time to let him know as he will be unable to do work on it for a short while (don’t worry, he’s fine). Regular updates to it should resume early March, though he will be available on Discord as normal for normal things. Expect an update towards the end of this week.

Other Stuff

As you may have seen there’s some fantastic updates coming. The latest devstream was showcasing the progress on a new combat system, there’s the new Jungle/Swamp themed area on the map and two new Gods on the way. The next Devstream is going to address sorcery, mounts and other NPC things which should be next week, their words not mine so if they don’t I’m innocent!

Funcom confirmed that a wipe won’t be needed for the combat system, so no need to panic there, we still aim not to wipe until launch unless something utterly terrible happens. Something so bad I can’t even think to give an example.

We’re putting together a nice lore story of the server detailing the history of the clans and characters that have come and gone, want to contribute? You know what to do!

See you on the cross, exiles.

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Just Horse from Youtube made a video on our Coin & Trade mod!

By Kwikninja | 17 Dec 2017 | 0 Comments

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