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Do you hear the whispers, the thoughts and deeds of dark dreams, do you hear the masters voice in the wind or see his instructions within the shadows upon the landscapes.  Well do you? I dream of ancient times,  I have visions of thing that were and that will be again.

The old ones who followed the master, the teachers as we called them when our race were young, they call to me through time, whispering there longings, their blood lusts and all the while I see things.  Flashes of reptilian hands, places that are now more and a people long gone.
No longer will the false sorcerers and king priests corrupt the truth and feed their own power with the corrupted glories of the master, misleading the peoples with their lies.  All of Stygia, Shem, Ophir, Corinthia, and Koth will soon know the truth.

All I know is that I am Tomas, a Cimmerian slave, a whores son and a lowly servant in a rich stygian house have purpose.  I see what the master wants and will rebuild the true way once again, the ancient followings of his lordship.

I am a true Disciple.  Through me his power will rise again and gain dominion upon the land.  He who is the desert, master of night and lord of serpents.  It is my destiny to raise the true temple and devour all of his enemies.
They wouldn’t listen to me, the false priests.  They called me mad.  Said it was I who was the blasphemer.  They beat me and threw me out of the temples.  The more I tried the more angry they became.  Eventually they imprisoned me, ready to sacrifice me up there blackened altars.  But they came to save me,  the voices, the visions.  I saw a way to escape my imprisonment when the storm came.  I took my chance, killed a guard and ran into the very breath of Set.

My skin flailed by the sands but I ran further into my god.   His embrace.  He has need of me you see.  He wants me to live, to become his servant.  So hours passed and I blacked out, unconscious, blood flowing.

When I woke,  I found myself up a cross,  the sun beating down and no memory of how I came here.  The voices were clearer.  The vision stronger.  He wanted me to be here.  I will do his work for I am his true Disciple.

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