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After arriving in the exile lands Zohara and Shi’avara found each other once more. They ventured to the north-western part of the desert and spent most of their time regaining a connection to Set, and trying to figure out a way to regain their former power.

Zohara befriended two men who was building a large city in that part of the desert, Bjørn of the flame and Shiro, eventually she was invited to a huge banquet to celebrate the finishing of their grand hall. Zohara successfully seduced Shiro, even though he was sceptical of her intentions, he was right to be, Zohara did only mean to use him to find a way out of the exile lands.

Shortly after this event, Shi’avara and shiro both disappeared. Like they had just walked off. Zohara was in distress, but so was Bjørn. Zohara and Bjørn became close, their feeling of abandonment and hate brought them together, an odd couple, the Northern warrior and the settite High priestess. They despised and loved each other in equal measure, yet their relationship seemed to give them something worth fighting for.

Zohara kept searching for Shi’avara, she did not find her, but met a man named Jon, Zohara saw him as a madman, a man who tried to unite the gods and their followers, a truely foolish endevour, but Jon was touched by Set, he had his mark and Zohara couldn’t help but taking interest in the man. A man named Alexandrius, a man from Argos, a son from a noble family renowned among the settites found Zohara, he was willing to help Zohara perform a ritual to get an insight in Set’s plan, and she thought that it might help her figure out how Shi’avara and Shiro had disappeared. The ritual was simple, Alexandrius willingly gave Zohara some of his life essence. the ritual made Zohara see clearly, she did not see Shi’avara or Shiro, she saw a war, one that would claim many lives, followed by a terrible sandstorm that would lay the land to waste, yet she was told about a cave, a place where one could survive this storm.

Shortly after, conflict broke out between Alexandrius and Jon, they both were gathering forces, a war was on the rise. Her lover Bjørn had sworn himself to Alexandrius, and was bound by honour to join his side in the war. Zohara begged Bjørn not to go, she knew it would cost him his life, she attempted to keep him from going in every possible way, but he ignored her advise. she went to both Alexandrius and Jon in secrecy and begged them to make sure Bjørn survived the war, for some reason both of the men couldn’t refuse her, and swore to keep Bjørn safe.

During the cataclysmic Sandstorm, Zohara sought shelter in the cave, as the storm faded Alexandrius arrived, he told her that Bjørn had died to the storm during the war. She went to the battlefield to seek Bjørns body, but she couldn’t find it. In her despair she cried out in pain, and Set answered.

She performed a bloody ritual at the now silent battlefield, she sacrificed everything she could find, the dead the dyeing, and those who still wandered the area in a dazed state.
Bjørn was cast out of the abyss. Corrupted and angry, there wasn’t much left of his former self, but Zohara didn’t care, she had gotten bjørn back. she took him to be his king, and she proclaimed herself witch-queen and together they formed the black fang empire.

During their reign, Zohara found Jon wondering the desert, he was much less then he was before, and almost all his memories had gone. she made him swear loyalty to her, and she would slowly help him regain his memory, she was still intrigued by the mark Set had given him, it made her look past his past actions. Zoharas and Bjørns reign was bloody, many wars and sacrifices was performed under their rule, but eventually the power it took to sustain Bjørns life became too much, an she had to let him go, in order to keep her sanity and control. The time after Bjørns passing Zohara was a mess, she sacrificed anyone in the city who dared to look at her with “a wrong look” she burned down half the city because of a slaves comment.

In her chaotic frustration, Jon had regained his memories on his own, and stepped in to change her ways, this resulted in a full “replacement” of the city’s guards, but it made Zohara realize that she couldn’t keep holding on to her sorrow, and had to move on. another Storm was approaching, Zohara made another grim ritual, this time to insure that a few select people in the city would survive it. everything else in black fang, including the city it self became dust.

She knew that her name and reputation had spread to every corner of the exiled lands, so she decided to live in a small hidden village, without coursing attention to herself, she felt cornered and unsafe. but Jon was true to his loyalty, he decided to protect her and keep her secret, she remained in the shadows but still communed with Set, her connection was still strong. She started having visions of snow and frost, she knew that in a land north of the exile lands, there was an object she had to find.

Sometimes the gods work in mysterious ways, a few days later, Jon’s sister found them, she was there to call Jon home, to the north, to retake his title as chieftain of the frostwolfs, Zohara saw this opportunity and followed him….

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