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Buraabi Rhud

If you have ever lived in a town or port along the northern areas outside the Exiled Lands, you’ve most likely heard Buraabi Rhud play songs, read poetry or tell stories. What you may not have done is heard his story.

Buraabi was always known for his skill as a bard, he never wanted glory from blood or conquest. Just a simple, peaceful life. He was becoming a well known name by tavern owners as a sure way to get customers in by the mere mention of him being there. This would eventually lead to his problems starting.

Buraabi had sailed into a port he didn’t know following being contracted as a shanty man for a trading ship and was invited into a tavern to have a drink by a shady looking old man. It had been a long journey, he wasn’t going to say no. As he entered it was clear the old man was the owner and that he had advertised Buraabi as the attraction there. He was in no mood to entertain, he just wanted rest. The crowd were displeased with the landlord, but the landlord convinced them it was Buraabi they should turn against for not keeping his promises. Things quickly turned violent.(edited)
He had no memory of exactly what happened at that point, he woke to see the patrons and landlord all dead, it was unclear how he had managed this as he was completely unarmed. The guards who arrived didn’t see it that way.

Buraabi was taken to the nearest dungeons to be held until sentenced and met an exile who had managed to find a way to escape the cursed walls that surround the lands named Gully. They shared stories daily until the sentences were passed. Buraabi was to be exiled, Gully was to be hung. Before the sentences were carried out, Gully left his lands in the Exiled Lands to him and asked him to deliver a message to a woman who lived there. He respected and fulfilled his last wish.

It’s not clear why he decided to leave the given lands now known as the Island of Ghosts. There are many stories surrounding this. Some say he was betrayed, some that he was the betrayer, some say he was seduced by a witch and some that he was blessed by something far beyond the reaches of normal men…only he can tell his story.

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