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Gudbrand son of Yoric, son of Thron born in the city of Vanaheim in the harsh north in a place called Nordheim. From his very first steps he showed that he had inherited his forefathers warrior instincts and ability. The males of his family had served in the Royal guard for generations, and it was no different with Gudbrand. Rising through the ranks after proving his prowess and bravery in battle. So it was until that fateful day! Grudbrand had long turned the eye of his lords mistress, and she being a woman of great beauty was hard to resist. Her hair that hung down to her waist in golden trusses. Her curved body soft to look at yet strong and supple. Those cool blue eyes, the pale skin…

He was a loyal man but not one without a weakness for beauty. And so a relationship grew, and a love developed that eventually could not be contained. Gudbrand and his true love made a plan to leave together, but before they could elope together there relationship was discovered . His one true love was whipped to death before his eyes, and he was taken to the exiled lands and nailed to a cross, and that’s where our story begins

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