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Stoneborn, the last of his name, once a proud and strong king of the mountains clan, living far from the pride eyes of the land clans, ruling his kingdom from atop of the snowy mountain in the north, just as his father before him.

When the Great War was unleashed upon the land, he looked down at the foolish clans dying to their own greed. Never knowing what those greedy fools have unleashed with their dark magic. It was on that night when he awoke to the sound of the demons rampaging his city, and the smell of blood that filled the air. He was trying to grab his war hammer as the floor collapsed under his feet, it was then that he first saw the two horned demon, a stone beast black as the night.

That much I can remember as clear as the blue sky, the rest was just bloody and blurry. We battled for what felt like eternity. Nothing but rage and bloodlust is rising within my mind and soul, when at last I had the upper hand holding my hammer high in the sky, I sent it with a heavy swing right at the beast’s head. And as it screamed a burst of light blinded my eyesight, what happened next is beyond my understanding, I open my eyes to a group of red armoured warriors fighting a beast like the one I did but smaller in size. I didn’t know who they were but all I needed to know that they hate those demons as much as I do.

Those are not days those are not my people, no more a king but a brothers of the crimson Legion.


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