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Life The sound of the sawmill starting at the beginning of the day wasn’t the most appealing sound, but that wasn’t it’s purpose. It signaled the start of a new day in this small Nordheimer village in the snowy province of Nordheim. Yngol was one of the first woken by the loud clangs and squeaks of the rusty old sawmill. He was he was the local blacksmith, as was his father and his father’s father. Age after age one of Yngol’s ancestors had worked the forge in the small village. There was a reason too, almost a family secret. Maybe it was the way they folded the steel, maybe it was the way they treated the metal in oil, only Yngol knows, and the secret will die with him. He has no living family, no son to pass down the family trade and secret. Now it is just him in the Exiled Lands.

His Exile One day an outsider strolled into the village, the blacksmith was the closest to the entrance and so Yngol was the first to greet the lost traveler. The man was shaking, he was either cold or scared, or both. Yngol invited him inside to join him by the hearth so he could hear what was wrong and how he could assist. The man looked at him, still shaking violently. “The… the mercenaries” and Yngol looked at him, confused and in thought “Mercenaries?” No sooner had Yngol said the word two men broke down the door and seized the man and Yngol. The mercenaries where Stygian, it was clear by their hair style and their accents. More of the Stygian mercenaries rushed in, swords in hand. The last man to walk in was a Set priest, clear by the traditional mask. “You defiled the temple and now you must pay the price” No sooner than the priest uttered the words the mercenary seizing him had slit his throat.

They turned their attention to Yngol, “Why chase him from Stygia to here? Just to kill him?” Yngol’s face filled with anger, the Stygians had broken into his home, killed a man in it and was now seizing him. Yngol used all his strength to break free of the mercenaries grips, he picked up the closest thing to a weapon he could find, a hammer used in for shaping his steel. He swung it with all his might, and it landed on the nearest mercenary with a thundering crack. The Stygian fell back, landing stone cold on the ground, twitching violently. The other mercenaries yet again managed to seize Yngol. They marched him down to Stygia, with little resistance where he was then exiled for murder, attacking a priest and housing a criminal. He was then crucified in the Exiled Lands, where he would then await his fate, whatever that would be…

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  1. Lillith Blackthorn on 15th October 2017 at 00:27

    Good Backstory!

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