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Archive for October 2017

Tarrant Shatterstar

Tarrant Shatterstar, a Nordheimer, grew up in a temple of his God, Ymir. It was a peaceful life, until a warrior clan in a suit of black  steel entered the temple. His face was covered by a helmet but through the eye sockets you could see his eyes burned like two lumps of flaming coal.…

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Sine Nomine

Everyone I met while been a brother in the crimson legion, they had something similar about them, they all ran from their past, bad memories hunts them down when they close their eyes. Death, Demons, Wars. Every single one of them, that’s why they join the legion to take the fight back to them and…

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Madu Brahma

In the exotic depths of the Venhyan jungles stood the proud town of Balrama, named afer the ancient and enduring dynasty. Madu was born the fourth son of the noble caste Brahma – Madhukar Balrama. Unlike his many siblings, Madu radiated with curiosity towards the outside realms as well as the lowly Sudra castle, the…

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Byron Harmer

Byron Harmer was born in a richly populated Darfari tribe called Omune to the Yog-priest family Harmer,  Lod Harmer, father and Pina Harmer, mother. If born to any other family other than the priest family, strong in their connection to the lord of empty abodes, an albino freak such as the child that was to…

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Aurelia Lupus

So where to start, I guess I should go back to the beginning. My name is Aurelia Lupus, daughter to Lupa the wolf Goddess. I sent my pup hood with my pack until I was of age, then as all others before me I embarked on the hunt. This is the entry passage into adulthood.…

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Ahmose a Stygian warrior, now in his thirties, grew up in Khemi Stygia’s priestly capital located at the north-eastern region of the country where the Styx river empties into the Western Sea. As a typical member of the Stygian upper middleclass, he is typically tan skinned with black hair, dusky and straight-featured with the distinctive…

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