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Server wiped as of 22/11/2017! Mods, changes and info

Happy wipe day folks!

We now officially use the powerful and popular mod: Pippi

To install the mod, simply subscribe to Pippi via the steam workshop. Once in the game, make sure its enabled in the mod section of the main menu. When searching for our server in the lobby browser, make sure ‘Show servers with mods’ is ticked (it wont show otherwise!)

Some changes: XP is boosted to x5 (harvest remains at x2), Loot on death is now back ON, Declaration of War rules have been changed and are now more straight forward.

Websites interactive map has also been wiped, along with discord clans & channels.

The successful applicants for the Shadow Dynasty admin team have been granted there roles

In the near future, we will be using another mod, which will bring currency and trade to Shadow Dynasty. We will update you all in good time and can ensure that this mod will not require a wipe or any kind of problems with current progress.

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