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Archive for December 2017

Announcement: Resource Map!

Greetings everybody! After an already exciting dev stream by funcom, i have been fortunate enough to receive some even more exciting news: access to using the best resource map for Conan, on our website! All courtesy of the guys at so a big thank you! The resource map is now live on our website and…

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Introducing: Shadow Dynasty’s – Coin & Trade mod!

Greetings all! We are very happy to announce, our in-house Coin & Trade mod is now live on the steam workshop! For more details, see the below workshop page. More importantly, The Shadow Dynasty server has just been rebooted and is now running both Coin & Trade mod + Pippi If you are just…

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Mod Progress / News!

Hey everybody! Just thought i would make a quick news post regarding our own custom mod which will add a Traders Post, along with in-game currency: The Dynastian Coin. This is the traders post so far (players interact with the building and can access multiple buy & sell recipes): At the moment, the mod is…

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