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Shadow Dynasty’s Coin & Trade mod – update v2.0 now released

Happy Thursday everyone! This is a quick news update just to let those that don’t know, our Coin & Trade mod version 2.0 has finally arrived! (is also running live on our server)

Shadow Dynasty’s Coin & Trade

The aim of this mod is simple: to add coin to the world of Conan Exiles to support the theme of trading, merchants and economy. Coins can be found from every variation of humanoid NPC and also gained through any 3 of the Trade Posts that are also added into the game. The Trade Posts can be spawned in by admins only, so server owners can choose locations for placement according to there harvesting rates and other choices.

– Copper, Silver & Gold in the form of a Dynastian Coin (read info in-game)

– Tier 1,2 & 3 Trade Posts (Shops). Different resources can be purchased and sold

– All humanoids in-game have a chance to drop coins depending on there level

– Coins have no weight, carry as many as you want!

– Trade Posts all have a market style ambiance around them

– *NEW!* All Coins can be put onto action bar and placed in the world! The coins have no ownership and do not listen to the land ownership rule, meaning you can place them absolutely ANYWHERE and everybody can pick them up!

– All Trade Posts have 2 direct currency transfers (copper into silver, silver into copper etc)

– Level required Feats, Copper Silver and Gold. Unlock these at the appropriate level to be able to use the Trade Posts (these cost 0 points to activate)

– 3x Feats, Copper SIlver and Gold + unlock them at the appropriate levels for 0 points

– Trade Posts all have unique map icons that are visible to everybody

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