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Archive for February 2018

Welcome to Lakeheart, our first RP Hub

Good afternoon exiles! There’s quite a lot to this update and I will do my best to cover every aspect I can think of, though as always I will do what I can to answer everything on Discord as well should you have questions. So, what’s all this about? I get a lot of messages…

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Shadow Dynasty Lore – A New Page

Good afternoon all, A new page is now on the website intended on giving the history of Shadow Dynasty. For the time being it is showing an overview of events that happened within each era (or wipe, if you will). I will happily take on your stories and events that happened within these eras to…

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February Shadow Dynasty Community Update!

Happy February Folks, Throughout the more festive months of December and January you will have no doubt noticed some big changes throughout the server, the mod and Discord itself. I thought it would be a good time to address it all in one go and let you know what is coming. Community Focus Originally, we…

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Shadow Dynasty Conan Exiles

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