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Happy February Folks,

Throughout the more festive months of December and January you will have no doubt noticed some big changes throughout the server, the mod and Discord itself. I thought it would be a good time to address it all in one go and let you know what is coming.

Community Focus

Originally, we had always set out to make an environment that was a hybrid of the roleplay and PVP communities. We had worked very hard to come up with ways to make this work, rulesets to please both sides, ensuring active admins were there to keep an eye on potential issues and trying to take in from both types of player what they want. After a lot of time with this, we’ve decided it can only really work one way and are completely focusing on roleplay from here on in. We understand that over the past few months in particular there was some issues risen from this, but we are in the process of making Shadow Dynasty the best roleplay experience that we possibly can. PVP will still be enabled of course, but to be used a way of enhancing roleplay. We expect the characters to feud and fight, we encourage it, but roleplay comes first.

With all this in mind, as you may have seen in the Server News channel on Discord, we will soon be adding new mods for extra immersion and are taking suggestions. There isn’t any plan on over-doing it with them, but we can see what features people want and integrate them to our own or add the smaller ones if needs be. Let us know in Mods Discussion if you have any ideas!


We are currently looking to take on two new game admins to look after timezones which the EU admins struggle to cover. There are quite a few players based in the US whose primetime for playing can be difficult to watch. If you are interested, please message myself or Kwikninja on Discord letting us know about yourself and what you believe you can bring to the community.

As for recruiting players, there’s always room for more! Shadow Dynasty runs on a dedicated server and can easily handle connections from Europe and the US. Funcom test the game at a 150 ping for your reference. If you enjoy being part of Shadow Dynasty then we would very much appreciate some love on the following links, it goes a long way to help:

Top Conan Servers


I’ve had a few people contacting me saying they are getting ready to set up some events. I will also be creating some Shadow Dynasty run ones with big prizes, they will all be posted on the calendar so you can easily keep track of what’s coming up and posted in The Ampitheatre on Discord. If you have an event in mind, send me a message on Discord and post to The Ampitheatre, we can arrange to help you with items you may need or prizes should the event require them. Also, contact Zohara for any help with the roleplay aspects of your event should you need help or inspiration.

Upcoming Stuff

I’m creating a video as something of an introduction to the game for new players and the server itself. If you have any footage you’ve made in game you’re particularly fond of by all means let me know on Discord. As part of this video, I am organising an interview with Nicole and Jens from Funcom which I will happily ask any questions you may have for them…within reason, obviously. Send those along to me too. I’ll also be creating videos ready for any additional mods we have instructing how to install them, videos regarding updates to the Shadow Dynasty mod and a few community based ones to go along with these updates. If you’d like anything featured in them…you get the idea by now, send me a message!

Updates to the Mod

Kwikninja, the man behind the mod, will be working hard to ensure the mod is as smooth as butter in the coming week. If you have encountered any issues recently with it or have some feedback for him, now is the time to let him know as he will be unable to do work on it for a short while (don’t worry, he’s fine). Regular updates to it should resume early March, though he will be available on Discord as normal for normal things. Expect an update towards the end of this week.

Other Stuff

As you may have seen there’s some fantastic updates coming. The latest devstream was showcasing the progress on a new combat system, there’s the new Jungle/Swamp themed area on the map and two new Gods on the way. The next Devstream is going to address sorcery, mounts and other NPC things which should be next week, their words not mine so if they don’t I’m innocent!

Funcom confirmed that a wipe won’t be needed for the combat system, so no need to panic there, we still aim not to wipe until launch unless something utterly terrible happens. Something so bad I can’t even think to give an example.

We’re putting together a nice lore story of the server detailing the history of the clans and characters that have come and gone, want to contribute? You know what to do!

See you on the cross, exiles.

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