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Good afternoon exiles!

There’s quite a lot to this update and I will do my best to cover every aspect I can think of, though as always I will do what I can to answer everything on Discord as well should you have questions. So, what’s all this about?

I get a lot of messages from you all with various questions and concerns of all types, sometimes we manage to turn these into suggestions and we are always working hard to implement them. This is the first one we wanted to try, an RP Hub.

As Shadow Dynasty wants to ensure RP is always put first, we wanted to experiment with different ways of removing barriers between you playing the character you want and being able to easily interact. Ankh and Spear, the clan, have put a lot of time and effort into their public tavern, sauna, bath house, inn and other amenities that we saw this as a great foundation to an RP Hub. We have been hard at work all day to expand what is there for public use for more styles of RP to interact. Here’s how it works:

We have enabled the following commands in Pippi:
/warp Lakeheart

All are case sensitive and all have a cooldown of an hour, a temporary measure to stop people trying to use it for naughty reasons. If you are found to be doing so, expect an angry message from me by the way!

/sethome will set a point on the map where you are stood at the time for when you use the /home command to instantly teleport you there.
/warp Lakeheart will transport you to the Agora at the centre of Lakeheart

“So what’s in Lakeheart for me?” I hear you cry, well there’s plenty:

The Three Monkeys – A tavern for RP, sells drinks, food and accomodation. Also has a sauna and bath house.
The Marketplace – An area for traders to bring their goods to market and advertise their own shops. Also has some lower tier traders from our Coin and Trade mod mainly selling food and drink items. If you are a trader and want a permanent stall, message myself or Jess on Discord to arrange this.
Practice Area – An area for people to hone their combat skills.
Hall of Rememberance – A building dedicated to the memory of characters that have passed.
Meeting Hall – A large area for feasting, perhaps you have business with another clan that needs neutral ground to settle? Maybe you wish to gather people for a rousing speech? Maybe the tavern is too loud.
Derketo’s Dean of Delights – A den for the shadier characters, not for the light hearted.
The Agora – A small area where you will arrive.
The Hospital – Injured characters welcome for treatment.
Shrine to Mitra – What it says on the tin.

As you can see we have aimed to cater to every type of RP we could think of. The Den has been constructed specifically out of the way of the rest to ensure those not enjoying that type of RP aren’t dealing with it when walking into the main tavern.

“I have a village, how come mine isn’t a hub?”
This is the first being used as a trial. People are spread quite far on the map and we don’t want everyone to feel they want to build in the desert, but never see another player because everyone is in the north for example. This is to close these gaps in RP. As population on the server increases I plan on adding warp points to the Agora to transport quickly from one hub to another to again bridge these gaps in RP.

“How does this help traders?”
It brings you all together in a marketplace. See it as a way to make your trading connections with a sample of your goods, meet other traders from across the lands who may have things you need. It’s all in RPing your trader, what would they realistically have? What would they need? No one trader should reasonably sell and have everything!

“I’d like to suggest a change to the Hub/Hubs”
Contact me directly on Discord and we can chat.

“I’d like to hold an event in the Hub”
Contact Zohara for help with the RP side and Jess to help sort it. I’ll add it to the calendar once done.

“Can I declare war on the Hub”
No, but you can still RP PVP with the people there, just stick to the rules we set in place.

Anything else on the way? Why indeed there is. To assist with getting set up and RPing right away, Zohara and I are working on a way to implement RP kits to help the character flesh out a little earlier on. Updates are also coming to the coin and trade mod after much feedback, I can’t tell you all what exactly, but we should hopefully implement it all soon. We are currently reviewing the mod situation after seeing the results of the poll we put out.

See you all at Lakeheart.

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