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Welcome to March and welcome back to a working website (thanks naughty people)!

We’ve had a busy February, seen plenty of events take place, the first RP Hub get up and running, so much new implementation of Pippi features and it’s been all out great. Most importantly, we’re back on a dedicated server and it is all thanks to you, the community. We cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming support you’ve offered and we are truly humbled by it.

So What’s Coming Up?

There’s some new events added to the calendar, I believe there’s a few more scheduled for the absolute completion of The Eastern Scar hub too. We have been looking into new ways of keeping you entertained on the server and here’s a little sneak-peek:

  • Admin created dungeons
  • Hero Showcase
  • The return of the Invictus Arena, where the two schools of combat collide
  • Gambling (already added in the south)

That’s as much as I will tell you anyway, you can’t bribe more out of me. You can try though…

What About The Shadow Dynasty Mod

Ooooh it’s exciting times coming. Kwik has been very hard at work on this feature which should give a whole new dynamic and help bring a little more traffic to the hubs in quieter hours. I’ll give some basics out for now, but as for how it works and finer details, patience. Basically, it is player owned market stalls, or auction houses as some people prefer to call them. You will be able to purchase them from a high tier trader for a fairly large sum of coins and place it where you choose, though we will be enforcing rules on this as they will ignore ownership when placing. The idea being you can place your stall, with some customisation options too, in the market areas of the hubs. People can then purchase your items, whatever you have added to them, you will be notified and can collect your hard earned cash when it’s convenient. There’s a lot of potential to this, well travelled routes could easily spring into silk roads as well as the hub marketplaces, it’s all going to be down to the way people use them. This is along side something of an overhaul to ensure a player’s market, rather than a mod one.

Plenty more to come soon…

And Finally…

We really appreciate all the support recently, it has been wonderful and we can’t thank you enough for every little thing. If you too wish to help out, here are the links:

Top Conan Servers page to help vote us up for better visibility
Enjin to help advertise the server too
Patreon to donate to help support the server and get a little something back too
Donations are still running as normal if you prefer that method, and rewards are being worked on for donors

See you on the cross, Exile…

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