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As a disclaimer I’d like to begin by stating there’ll be no April fools bamboozle in here…honest.

Hi Exiles!

It’s April, it’s chocolate egg madness, it’s another promise to go to the gym after all this excess that you’ll once again never follow up on! I’m just as excited as you, don’t worry. The clock is ticking, a little over a month left until launch day so I’ve got a few updates on that front, plus the usual nonesense I like to keep you posted on.

The Hunt is On

Until Tuesday the 3rd, the giant bunnies will be protecting their special stashes of Easter themed goodies. Some of the crates have otherwise unobtainable items in them. Since it’s Easter today and I feel hungover on chocolate, maybe a few clues are in order to anyone who does read these updates. The Eastern Scar isn’t the only Scar in the land, rivers run to an end in the highlands, and pirates do always seem close to booty…

The loot respawns along with the bunny once every hour.

Just a Quick Reminder…

If you feel somebody is breaking the rules please do what you can to get the player names so we can investigate. Drop them to an admin and we will do all we can.

Preparing for Take-Off once more

To answer a few more question I’ve had regarding launch and how we are planning it:

  • A server is being set up for admins to ensure hubs and other public areas are set up in time. This will become the main server as soon as launch build goes live.
  • Yes, all features of the Funcom currency will be integrated into Dynastian currency. So you will be able to make counterfeit money and all the rest.
  • The mod as it will stand upon the release of the game is basically ready to go, but will require some last minute updates due to the game’s update. It should be rolled out within the first few days as completed.
  • With the above in mind, we’re hoping the other mods will be prepared too, but more on this as and when we know.
  • We are working on some ideas to ensure we don’t get flooded with PVP gankers in the first few days despite the name, description and category all stating it is RP, having a box with the rules appear which you agree to as you log in and placing various signs by the starting area, for some this isn’t enough. One of the ideas put forward has been to disable PVP for the first few days to discourage that type of player joining, then changing once people are more settled in a server, though the fact we are modded is also another message that this is not a simple PVP server. More on this when we have had a good natter, a think and a cuppa.

The Rise of the GMs

You may have seen the announcements that a new role has appeared on Discord. The 4 GameMasters are there to help people with general things such as if someone needs a little help, loses things due to a bug or needs advice. They have very limited admin permissions and cannot do things such as spawn items in (other than pre-made kits), turn on God mode or turn their survival options off. If you type in ‘/list admins’ in game you will see who is online and can help.

Supporting The Server

Due to the website being down recently, and with launch fast approaching, any donations this month will get you the VIP benefits for both the remainder of this month and May, rather than just May. Our apologies for the downtime.

As always, if you wish to become a Patron, you can click here and choose a package that fits you. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

Anything Else?

Why yes. The YouTuber Just Horse has recently uploaded clips of all the new armour, weapons and other stuff from the recent testlive update if you are curious as to the content but don’t fancy the download. You can get to his channel by clicking here

If there’s anything you’d like mentioned next, as there will be a few updates this month, please let me know via Discord.

See you on the cross…

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