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Please stop booing, that was quality material.

Yes this is a very, very late update, but it is pretty much the perfect time to post one as there’s changes coming and we think you may like them.

First of all….

Welcome to all our new and returning players, it’s fantastic to see you all and the creative efforts you’re putting in to keeping our server the best one out there. I’m looking forward to bumping into all of you at some point as those I have met so far have been a lot of fun.

The Mod Pack is Back

The mod pack for the server has been updated, you can view it by clicking here of simply going to the mod-info channel within Discord. Any updates to the mods we use or changes relating to them will be posted in that channel as soon as they’re done. If a new player joins and requests this kind of information, the mod-info channel is the best place to send them.

A Big Change to the Hubs

This was decided last night following the various reports I have received regarding performance whilst in the hub areas. I’ll make it into a list so the points don’t get lost:

  • Lakeheart, New Wolfravn and the Newbie Island (name still pending) will remain
  • Eastern Scar will be drastically downsized to a small village containing a market area, gambling den, tavern and the existing temple areas. This is due to people with lower (and sometimes even top) spec machines experiencing huge drops in performance and small fires when entering the area.
  • The services offered by Eastern Scar with the exception of those listed above will go to the shadier areas of Lakeheart, such as bounty hunting and the extra quests available.
  • There will be a lore entry as to why this happened for continuity.
  • The removal of the area as a hub will mean that we will be constructing many more much smaller market areas, all with different themes, across the map. We feel this is also much more fitting of the main mod created by Kwik as far as trading and use of currency goes, and also player created small towns will become more noticeable (more on that later).

This will be taking place over the weekend in time for the next update to Caishen…

What’s Coming with Caishen?

First of all, thank you for any and all bug reports regarding the mod, they’re very helpful as testing is obviously a limited capacity and your creative uses for some items and systems we don’t usually think of. Please do join the Caishen Discord (a link will shortly be posted to mod-info) so you can report anything there for Kwik to see. Please note that Caishen is the only mod created by Shadow Dynasty so bugs with Pippi or SlaverMod features need to be reported to the creaters of those mods.

We expect to push an update out for Caishen this week including the player owned stores where you can sell your own goods! Apologies for the delay in this feature, it has been pushed back due to changes in code following the release update and other things, but it’s almost good to go. With the fate of The Eastern Scar, there will be slightly different rules regarding store placement as follows:

  • Your first player owned store must be placed in either a hub or marked market area as per the new icons on the map (they will be added over the weekend)
  • Further stores can be placed by your base or by other admin created areas of interest such as arenas providing they are either public (admin created) or with the consent of the owner (player created town).
  • Placing a lone trader with nothing around it or intentionally to grief another player will result in my blasting it to the void with no warning.

In a future update, Kwik is working on some more music horns which will get their own shop if you’re feeling particularly horny….sorry.

The Next Quests

Now we’ve had a chance to settle in and research what is and isn’t available to the player, we will be able to offer better rewards for quest completion. This will include unobtainable armour pieces and other items only available through the admin panel, some store bought items that are on the rarer side and of course some cold hard cash. These will be coming throughout next week to Lakeheart.


There’s currently a competition in server news, I’ll also put it here:

Following the latest Caishen update, many of the traders are now voiced. 7 of them in total are voiced by the master admins, 6 by myself and 1 by Kwik. The person to guess the most right first will win some in game currency and a mystery prize, runners up will also get some in game currency and more minor mystery prizes for their efforts.

There will soon be an arena tournament with a prize for the winners and the opening of the first admin dungeon. The first to complete it will, you guessed it, win a prize.

See you on the cross…

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