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Good afternoon Exiles,

I’ll keep the sarcasm off this one the best I can, but no promises.

First of all, congratulations from the team at Shadow Dynasty to Cabal on the birth of his long awaited baby, we hope all are doing well.

Market Day

The first market day was held on Sunday and was a great success. These will be held weekly at different market areas and hubs every Sunday and their locations and times on the event calendar as soon as they’re organised. You can bring your own goods to sell as an auction or otherwise and admins will be there to sell various exclusives too. To clarify, admin sold good’s money will be destroyed so it will essentially be no different to buying from an NPC Trader. As a treat, I will end this with my favourite market based poem:

I’ve got a big bag of crabs here
I’m gonna put them in my mouth oh yes
I’m gonna run around the town on a market day
Everyone will look at me and say I’ve got a mouth full of crabs

Additions to the Mods

As you know we recently changed one of the mods over. Thank you for your patience during this and reporting bugs you have found. I’ve posted in hints and tips things to try should you have any problems when using the animations or features. If you find any more then by all means let me know. Please remember that we are happy to help with all aspects of the mod use but we only created Caishen. If you find bugs with Caishen, see mod info to join the Discord for the mod specifically and report bugs or make suggestions there. There is also a new guide added named bdsm-rp-guide which is (obviously) NSFW and there should you need any help with such a theme in your RP. It’s not for everyone, if it isn’t applicable simply don’t look.

The Eastern Scar Overhaul

Whaddya know, I’ve got some staff. You’ll be seeing some new things cropping up there soon and it will be one of the upcoming market day hosts with an opening of the pub there. The date will be published once we’re ready. The Arena is open for use by all as normal, there’s gambling in the pub and once we have the mod update there’ll be plenty of trade there. Temples of Derketo and Set are also there.

And finally…

Thank you once more for your continued support whether it’s being a great member of the community or by parting with some hard earned cash, it’s always appreciated. You may have seen some rewards on Patreon have been updated recently so we hope you enjoy!

The patreon link is here if you are interested

All the best and see you on the cross.

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