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Hello Exiles,

This will be fairly short as far as update posts goes, but I’d like to make sure everybody is aware of what’s coming up.

Invictus Arena Returns to Shadow Dynasty

We’ve had it before, but it’s back, bigger and better than ever. We have prizes for the winners in the form of the upcoming Imperial East DLC with two tournaments:

Invictus Pilae: The Invictus Pilae Champion will have shown their skill using the tools they have acquired from the lands around them. Your own armour and weapons may be used in this.

Invictus Gladiator: The Invictus Gladiator Champion will have shown skill with what they are provided. Weapons and armours will be supplied and it is down to the competitors pure skill and determination to win this title.

Finally, a game of chance will be held to determine the final recipient of the prize. There are 5 copies of the DLC in total, 1st and 2nd place of both tournaments plus the winner by chance so everybody has a shot regardless of their skill.

So how do I get to bashing skulls?

Easy enough, in Discord see the channels under the new Events and Dungeons category, there is now an Invictus Sign Up channel for that and a Discussion channel for any questions regarding the event or if you want to smack-talk your would be opponents

But what’s this Betrayer’s Keep I’m hearing about?

Our lovely Maclort with the assistance of the admin team has finally released the first of the admin created dungeons. Now we know this one works and people seem to be enjoying it so far, we will be able to make many more in quicker time. If you want to get mercilessly killed for our amusement, there are portals from the hubs.

And finally…

This has all been possible because of your continued support and encouragement, we wouldn’t have managed any of this without you, the community, you make the server what it is and we can’t thank you enough.

As always if you wish to help support the server you can join our Patreon for more rewards or donate via this website.

See you on the cross, Exiles.

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