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Saada Surmansa

(Description required + Screenshot of base)


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The Grey Wolf Den

Cimmerian Village and brother Hood of brigands. Mercenaries. Bounty Hunters. Adventures. With No religious bindings. Only bound by the honour and path of steel


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Lone Wolf Pact

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Blood Ravens

After the storm wiped away their home, Blood Raven clan returned north to find their valley now populated by another clan. They travelled south and settled along the river. Their new home is named:  "Raven's Veil". Just south of the Circle of Swords, we welcome nordheimer mostly and we worship Ymir, but anyone who seems friendly enough is free to come share mead with us.

Final Spark

Mitrean holy city


(require base screenshot)

Ank and Spear

We are a neutral group but if pushed we will fight back. Any travellers going north can rest inside our walls. Any lost exile can seek shelter and advice


(require base screenshot)


We are friendly to those who build outside of the perimeter and are willing to trade.


(require base screenshot)


(require backstory + base screenshot)

Sons of Zingara

Farasio wandered the desert for days, lost ,thirsty atacked and famished...bleached by the sun..being a zingaran noble, he wasnt used to the heat and harsh enviroment, when he saw the oasis the first time it reminded him of home! Zingara, beautiful majestic waterfall, palms and game to live for years, he wasnt sure was it real or a mirrage..but the cold water of waterfall in this heat proved to be real enough, and he decided to settle here and Called it Sons of ZINGARA!!


(require base screenshot)

Lucky Knuckles

A Dafaari-Cannibal tribe who dominate the southlands with violence and bloodshed. Welcoming to those who wish to join there cause, terrifying to everybody else who dare to approach. Led by the Dafaari queen Naya the Fist.

The Sweet Whisper

Few survived the great storm, those who did knew that the storm brought great changes, and with changes came opportunity.

Ilonlar, Zohara and Trish had fled north following the collapse of the Temple of Set to begin a new, peaceful life until they could regain their strength. The island they found was the answer to their problems. Here you will also find Afira and Aziza, who have joined the three as staff on the island for The Sweet Whisper Inn.

Together, they worked hard to create an island rich in trade and opportunity. An Inn was built where people of all backgrounds come together for drinks, stories and even fights. A harbour now graces its shore with workshops generating many goods for the trading warehouse, all watched over by a lighthouse.

Should you come to visit, the bridge is to the south, bring your goods and stories