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Pre-exile Life The sound of the sawmill starting at the beginning of the day wasn’t the most appealing sound, but that wasn’t it’s purpose. It signaled the start of a new day in this small Nordheimer village in the snowy province of Nordheim. Yngol was one of the first woken by the loud clangs and…

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Stoneborn, the last of his name, once a proud and strong king of the mountains clan, living far from the pride eyes of the land clans, ruling his kingdom from atop of the snowy mountain in the north, just as his father before him. When the Great War was unleashed upon the land, he looked…

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Buraabi Rhud

If you have ever lived in a town or port along the northern areas outside the Exiled Lands, you’ve most likely heard Buraabi Rhud play songs, read poetry or tell stories. What you may not have done is heard his story. Buraabi was always known for his skill as a bard, he never wanted glory…

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Gudbrand son of Yoric, son of Thron born in the city of Vanaheim in the harsh north in a place called Nordheim. From his very first steps he showed that he had inherited his forefathers warrior instincts and ability. The males of his family had served in the Royal guard for generations, and it was…

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After arriving in the exile lands Zohara and Shi’avara found each other once more. They ventured to the north-western part of the desert and spent most of their time regaining a connection to Set, and trying to figure out a way to regain their former power. Zohara befriended two men who was building a large…

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It was a quite, late spring day in Cimmeria. Soft breezes blew through the village and a soft, misty, rain fell giving the world a hazy sort of shimmer. This peace and calm was only broken by the sounds a new life entering into the world. Inside a home near the outskirts of the village…

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Do you hear the whispers, the thoughts and deeds of dark dreams, do you hear the masters voice in the wind or see his instructions within the shadows upon the landscapes.  Well do you? I dream of ancient times,  I have visions of thing that were and that will be again. The old ones who…

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Tarrant Shatterstar

Tarrant Shatterstar, a Nordheimer, grew up in a temple of his God, Ymir. It was a peaceful life, until a warrior clan in a suit of black  steel entered the temple. His face was covered by a helmet but through the eye sockets you could see his eyes burned like two lumps of flaming coal.…

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Sine Nomine

Everyone I met while been a brother in the crimson legion, they had something similar about them, they all ran from their past, bad memories hunts them down when they close their eyes. Death, Demons, Wars. Every single one of them, that’s why they join the legion to take the fight back to them and…

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Madu Brahma

In the exotic depths of the Venhyan jungles stood the proud town of Balrama, named afer the ancient and enduring dynasty. Madu was born the fourth son of the noble caste Brahma – Madhukar Balrama. Unlike his many siblings, Madu radiated with curiosity towards the outside realms as well as the lowly Sudra castle, the…

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