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Welcome, Exile…

Whether or not you hail from the land of Hyrkania, the sun-drenched islands of the Barachan or the Witch ruled Yamatai, not a single soul is safe from the banishment of the Exiled Lands. Trapped in a permanent yet cut-off landscape, many Exiles find themselves here in what seems like an endless cycle of life and death… only that death here simply means a long and humiliating stroll back to your humble abode.

Emerald Green walls surround this landscape, stopping anybody that may attempt to leave this mysterious and cursed place. Tales of Exiles digging and scaling the walls are common, but all have the same outcome. Nobody ever leaves…

Dark feathered vultures roam calmly in the blistering southern desert, watching newcomers with feast-full intent as they come to terms with the reality that is now their home. A little further north, rivers run wildly, providing a natural habitat to the variety of odd creatures that have been surviving here for many years. To the north, snow-capped mountains and grassy meadows sweep throughout the harsh terrain creating yet another opportunity for ferocious beasts and hostile clans to gather and call home.

Make friends, enemies and encounter a multitude of different happenings in this exciting yet dangerous world of Shadow Dynasty…

The First Era

A small group of the first exiles had been cast into this harsh wilderness. Knowing that any one of them could be there for such a disturbing spectrum of reasons, theft, desecration of a temple, even murder, the air filled with caution of strangers they would encounter. This caution would lead to separation, but mutual distrust would spark small pockets of trust and a new age for a new land would begin.

The Founding Cities Era

Groups of exiles had started to work together for mutual gain. Some had bonded by their faith, some by fear of those unlike them, some by pure necessity. Some villages began to sprawl into towns, some into great cities, some were consumed by the growth and would join the expanding walls and foundations or be driven away. Many settlements and exiles would remain outside of these monuments to the determination of once broken people, but these three would stand against the sand storms and horrors the desert had to throw at them. They were Carinthia, Shin Sekai and Everwater.

Even as the cities had risen from the ground, the true nature of the people could never be held back as tension began to rise between Everwater and Carinthia leading to this once baron wasteland seeing its first war. Shin Sekai would join the conflict, aiding in Everwater’s efforts to take down Carinthia. The people were warned of a great storm approaching the lands, something far worse than the sandstorms that battered the walls, yet the war continued.


Carinthia would fall, the storm would claim the rest.

The Era of Empires

Few people would survive the great storm, those that did realised their power and had a new outlook on what must be done to survive. With Carinthia gone, new struggles emerged for greater influence throughout the desert. The Black Fang empire would rise from the dust with terrible intent, Clan Ilwyd under strong leadership would become the largest to rise and the survivors of Everwater and Shin Sekai would reform under the banner of Redwater.

The treachory of The Black Fang would spread war to all that would oppose it, fear into those with nothing to protect them and death to those who would betray them. It was little wonder that Redwater began plotting with Clan Ilwyd to return them to the dust which they came.

Be that as it may, another storm was on the way.

The Yoggite Era

Following another devastating storm, Redwater is a shell of what it once was, most of its members fell victim to the storm or could simply not be found. The Black Fang made a decision how to maintain their legacy, the leader and carefully selected members would go into hiding.

A new threat to any peace that was to be found would rise and spread quicker than all the cities and empires before it. An empire dedicated to the God, Yog.

They were quick to take the lands the hurt empires were slow to rebuild upon, cruel and cannibalistic. Like a great swarm they could not be stopped and would only consume what stood in their way. There was only one thing for it, Clan Ilwyd, The Black Fang, Redwater and all other settlers that could be found must band together to remove the oppression they faced.

They would fight until the next great storm swept through the lands.

The Era of The Frozen North

The storm had changed the lands. The emerald walls that surrounded the desert had shifted north, opening a new land for exiles to settle in. This change in the landscape would change the how exiles would find people of their own kin, of their own faith or even their enemies.

The cold of the north attracted the Nordheimer and the Cimmerians with many clans settling there. Clan Ilwyd still holding together found its new home there, The Frostwolves and The Frost Forge would notably call the new land to the north their home.

Meanwhile, in the southern deserts, Stygian priests of Set would begin to conspire to bring in a new dawn of Set worship. Great pyramids were erected in the name of the Serpent God as well as a grand temple. Worshippers flocked to the temple, willingly or otherwise, creating a great alliance outnumbering any clan it swallowed as it grew.

The clans of the north reacted to the growing threat in the south and met to form an alliance of their own should the Temple of Set begin to slither its way through the dividing mountains. The alliance would grow in number, as would the temple, tensions would rise, homes would fall, sacrifices would be made, blood would be shed….

Another storm would see an end to it all.

The Era of Prosperity

The temple and the alliance would fall to ruin with the few survivors missing or unknown to the exiles now roaming the lands. Somewhere in the lands, a mysterious trader began to mint currency as a way of trading his goods in a similar fashion to the civilised places he once called home. The exiles quickly adopted this and some began to trade, open taverns, sell their services or simply take the coins from those they deemed less deserving.

Rival groups of mercenaries would clash in attempts to form allegiances, the alliance would form just in time for another rise of united Yog tribes, sweeping the lands hunting their human prey. The alliance would prevail in the end, finishing them once more.

Another storm was coming, but it would appear a certain tavern wasn’t all it appeared to be, a newly reformed Temple of Set would start to rise to save itself from the coming destruction. They haven’t been seen since…

A new Era has begun, how will you leave your mark…